The world is dynamic; technology facilitates this change each and every day. Having good computer skills is now a must for everyone in this technology era. Most jobs require computer skills,, and there in now a greater emphasis of STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills in Zimbabwe. Thus opening a computer training center is a very lucrative and profitable business idea. This is especially true in this information era as individuals seek the skills of using  computers.

A computer training center offers various lessons ranging from basic to advanced lessons. The market is never ending due to the fact that a computer has become the most basic every day gadget. To add on, there is always something new to learn in using a computer.  Zimbabwe is fast adopting technology.  The country is mainly made up of a population that is rural based. However, rural to urban migration is increasing, and this creates a market of youths with no technology skills but who are eager to seek general and various types of jobs which require these skills. Most of the youths who grew up in urban areas don’t have good computer skills. You will need to carry out market research and write a good business plan before starting a computer training center business. 

What you need

Premises for the Computer Training Center

It is important to analyze and select the best location which is central and can market itself. A location which your target market can access easily would increase traffic (users) to your computer training center. In Harare, the CBD area stretches such that one has a wide range of office space to select from. To add on, small office spaces outside the CBD or at the outskirts of the CBD are affordable and can be good to consider for startup because of lower rental costs. You can also locate your business in the high density suburbs and growth points as such areas have a huge customer base. 


Your computer training center maybe divided into a theory room, reception area, and computer lab room. All these rooms may be furnished with ready-made computer tables from furniture stores such as Meikles and China Furniture shops down town in Harare. A cheaper alternative would be to get a carpenter to produce at least twenty five chairs and at least twenty small tables and two big tables for reception area and office area.

Computer Hardware and Software

The number of computer units varies depending on the space available and the capital budgeted to acquire these assets. At least ten (10) computer units are sufficient for starting the computer training center business. Software makes up the most important part of the computer. You should ensure that your software is up to date. To add on, computers must have the latest configurations. You will need to install licensed software such as  Windows 10, MS Office, Adobe Reader, JAVA, Google Chrome, Pastel e.t.c. Avoid unnecessary costs and challenges that may come up due to use of pirated software and services. Stay legit and do business the legal way. Remember cheap is expensive in the long run.


Good Computer Teachers

You need good qualified teachers for your computer training center. Teaching is exhaustive and requires only passion. Passion drives talent which will be useful in getting the job done. You will have different kinds of students. Some may have the zeal but with the low IQ. Only a passionate teacher can deal with these various students. Teachers with a relevant degree e.g. Computer science degree or Information Technology (IT) degree are better as this would mean a wide curriculum can be provided. You can offer lessons beyond the basic computer skills e.g. offering programming languages lessons.  Selection criterion for teachers can be a practical learning session. This will help you in determining if the teacher is capable of executing the job and helping the students acquire the skills they need.

Staff and Management

The number of employees required will depend on the size of your computer training center. You require the computer teachers, computer technicians, receptionist and accounting staff. For a small business,, you can do most of the tasks on your own. 


Most families do not have computers at home. The majority of schools do not have enough computers for students. Thus there is a very large customer bases as the majority of young people don’t have computer skills. At the rate at which technology is advancing, running a Computer Training Center pays off. To add on, computers are now a daily use gadget and as they evolve, new skills are always required in order to match up as new software is introduced. Your teaching curriculum should be wide enough in order to capture a huge percentage of the market and thus increase your inflows.

Profitability and Costs

The operating costs for a computer training center include rentals, utilities, repairs, salaries e.t.c. Profitability is built upon managing costs and employing strategies to increase revenues. Therefore, you would need to market the business well such that you have many students and also provide a wide range of computer lessons. To add on, at start up you can purchase LCD or LED Monitors as they may help in reducing electricity costs. LED or LCD monitors consume less electricity than the regular monitors. Most importantly, income earned should be accounted for properly and not be misused. 

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