I’m sure you’ve had certain personalities referring to themselves as brands rights? Due to the heightened use of the internet nowadays it’s important that your online activity exhibit a certain brand identity. Even if you’re a businessperson don’t neglect the importance of personal branding. There’s usually a tendency by business people or social entrepreneurs to take lightly the importance of building a personal brand. If you’re to make a mark in this digital age, despite whatever your focus area might be; building a personal brand is the way to go. This is a largely fallow ground locally because most people don’t even realize the importance of it. This also means that a business line can be built in that regard. So let’s look at how can you build one.


Never mind that you’re a business person, an employee, a pastor and so on, you can build a personal brand. The thrust of this business is to provide personal branding services to clients. Obviously, a lot of what you’ll offer will be internet-based and social-media based. You can either opt to niche or you can be a go-to business for all matters pertaining to personal branding. Several times I’ve been approached by individuals needing to get personal logos developed for them. It goes to show that there’s a steady increase in the number of people now appreciating the need for a personal brand. I did highlight that most people don’t yet appreciate that need and that means you’ll have to package your business in a way that breaks people from that mould.

Personal branding involves a diverse number of things such as web design, social media management, content creation, graphic design, photography, videography, branding, amongst many others. I mentioned branding there to refer to branding companies such as Estyle Corporate Gifts & Branding. A client might want to have personalized items brands such as stationery, regalia and the like. In setting up this business you’ll need to be connected to numerous related service providers. Personal branding can even go as far including clothing and design; so liberate your imagination here because the field is vast. This means as you build such business either you’ll choose to have some of these services I mentioned in-house or you’ll outsource when needed.

Key Components

Your business must have a well-constituted internet and social media presence. Here’s the interesting thing about this type of business; the services you’ll be offering must be evident in your business structure. Remember that you’re looking to do personal branding for other people and what you’re capable of must be reflected in you-you yourself will be a personal brand. So you’ll need to have internet connectivity, impeccable communication systems plus a broad network of related services that you might need. For you to easily present your business to the public you’ll have to come up with different packages that clients can choose from. Think of packages such as basic, intermediate or premium – something like that.

Human Resources

You can start off solo and gradually bring on more people if the workload gets overwhelming. If you got the sense of the business approaches you’ll realize that you can actually run it alone from the onset. This, of course, is good for you to keep costs at a minimum.


Not much capital is needed to start this business considering you can build it all and start operating online. You can always start relatively small and then you scale up over time.


The market is infinite and offers you limitless room for you to niche anyway you see fit. Take advantage of online communities to widen your prospective clients reach.


As always I underscore the need to register your business first. Then since you’ll most likely be outsourcing or partnering with other related service providers, you’ll have to draft MOUs or partnership agreements. Lawyers can help you with that; it’s important to avoid friction which can occur if there are no clear operating frameworks.

So many people struggle with landing their dream job or just simply widening their influence. Most such people don’t even realize that if only they could get personal branding their fortunes could be turned around. So this is an important business venture whose services most people don’t even know they need. The prospects are huge, you can work mostly online and can make easy money – so let’s build such businesses; the nation needs them.