Many of us have these lingering questions and we ask ourselves whether it is possible to start and run a business with a low startup capital. There are so many great business ideas you can consider to do with little capital. Be open minded and as you read through this article you may stumble upon an idea of your own. 

Interior Designing

Interior designing is one of the low investment small business ideas you can do in Zimbabwe. Everyone today wants services from an interior decorator, so starting interior designer business could be best deal but remember here you may need special skills. If you have the passion and are a follower of home trends and designs then you can be able to fully explore your creativity and recommend home improvement ideas to your clients. This business would thrive more if you pay much attention to what your clients want. Clients want to feel comfortable and safe and they should feel that this is really their own space and that the décor defines them more and communicates the type of lifestyle they are living. 

Personalized & Custom made Gift Store

Today we find demand of personalized & custom made gifts is increasing.  I used store but it does not necessarily mean that you need big space, a small corner shop can still do the magic. We all like to spend on ourselves but in different ways. I can think of a dozen items that people buy almost every day and on other special events such as anniversaries, weddings, valentine day, Christmas and birthday. What better way to earn income and still help others celebrate and be happy. If you are creative enough and have been following what is happening around your area it would be easy to know which gifts and items are much on demand. Your business will not fail because gift giving has grown to be a major tradition in our era. You can consider various gift items such as lingerie wear, perfumes and colognes, roll ons, make up kits, tshirt designs, flowers, gift bags amongst others. This is a small business idea which does not need a lot of capital. Read more about starting a gift shop in Zimbabwe.

Event Organizer

Event organizing is a low capital business idea. Starting a small company which organize events could be good business idea but here you may need special expertise and manpower for the same. Bring in a fresh breath of air into the events planning market. Go the extra mile and combine old fashioned values with the new cutting edge event planning software and create the best quality events ever organized. An events planning business combines products and expertise to help customers plan their events. Planning events can be burdensome and most people may not have the time to see to it that the event has been planned to the finest detail. However, people definitely want their events to sparkle and you are the best person to do it. By paying attention to the needs of the market and adopting technology, following the latest trends in events planning, you can make sure that your client receives the best individual attention they deserve.

Tutoring/ Home Private College

Tutors are always in demand. By 2018, this market is expected to grow to at least $102.8 billion worldwide. It is a growing market and you can start your private tutoring business whilst helping students succeed in their academic journey. Full time students find it hard to keep up with the class curriculum, other students fail and have to rewrite and others need guidance to prepare especially for examinations. In Zimbabwe, education is a must for all those who have the means to earn it. Parents and guardians go the extra mile to make sure that their children get the best education. You may decide to set it up as a tutoring agency and bring in a few more tutors. At first you may always start as a single tutor and then expand the business into an agency. Thus tutoring is one of the small businesses which needs little capital which you can do in Zimbabwe. You can easily implement this business idea. Read more about starting a tutoring business in Zimbabwe

Insurance Consultant

This business idea has low investment cost. Insurance cover is very important. People get various covers for Life, Funeral, Home, Car and their businesses. Insurance companies such as Old Mutual, First Mutual, Nyaradzo Funeral and even banks are taking on commission based insurance consultants. Income generation is based on the numb er of insurance products one sells. This one is definitely for the well spoken or marketers or those who know how to network and know a large number of people. It will be easier to push volumes if you can reach out to a large number of people. You can easily implement this small business idea by approaching several insurance companies and asking for the requirements for one to be a sales agent. 

Mobile/ Phone Shop

This is a low capital small business idea to start in Zimbabwe. A lot of young unemployed youths are well vexed with technology gadgets especially phones such that they rent out small corner shops to sell various phones and accessories. You can sell any type of phones even second hands ones and to get more business it is very easy to allow customers to do swaps and cash top up for their phones. Your prices may not be fixed but flexible for negotiations. This will help you sell more. Stock your shop with chargers, earphones and other various accessories which may be required by customers. Many young Zimbabweans have pursued this small business idea and are getting income daily. 

Printing and Photocopying

Are you considering starting a business of your own but have little capital and do not want a much demanding business? A printing and photocopying business is an easy startup business which can earn you a lot of steady profits over time with little sweat. This service is required by a lot of individuals, tertiary schools and companies. The services also range from small printing jobs to large volume printing and photocopying. Perhaps you are a student and looking for ways to earn income which can sustain you throughout semesters for the next few years. You can operate your business on campus and still be able to attend and manage your school work.

Bale Corner/Shop

The large population in Zimbabwe is resorting to purchasing bale clothes sold in different corner areas in the streets and shops or council apportioned shades. You can be able to purchase a bale with different type of clothes for as little as USD150 and be able to sell off at a mark up. Thus you can start this business with little capital. The key is to get as many selections of different types of clothes and sizes to reach out to a larger market. 

Computer Repairs and Sales/Swaps

It’s a technology world and just about everyone owns a laptop. What better way to start a profitable business but with little capital to start off with. You can stock your shop with brand new computers and good quality second hand ones. Customers can do swap and cash top up to dispose off their old laptops and get a better one. To complement you may need a repairs section. Computer repairs, sales and swapping is one of the small business ideas which requires little capital.

Hair salon

Hair trends and styles are ever evolving. Nowadays even men are particular about their hair and this has also grown the hair styling market. If you have skills to pleat and doing magic with hair then you can even start this business with zero capital and as a home based one. As you get more referrals and clients you may then rent a chair and later on get your own salon shop in a high foot traffic area in town or in your community. Read more about starting hair salon business in Zimbabwe

The are a lot of other small business ideas which needs little capital. Lack of capital is no longer an excuse, start something today! 

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