Business: Restaurants ( Mugg and Bean, Ocean Basket), African Sun Limited

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Year of Birth:    1966

Residence:          Zimbabwe

If it wasn’t for his ingenuity and passion for what he did, it may not have been another few years until the introduction of exotic and quality Food outlets. Not only did he make a fortune through his business; he also helped to make Zimbabwe a more secure and safe place to be and even sent buses to South Africa to transport Zimbabweans when Xenophobic attacks had become a daymare for the Zimbabweans in South Africa.

Shingi Munyeza is a Zimbabwean business magnate, senior pastor at Faith ministries, motivator and entrepreneur. Shingi’s father was a proud grocery store owner and was also his major source of inspiration in the early days. This socialized him into the business world at a tender age though his greatest aspiration was to be a bus driver because he admired the bus drivers who drove to and from the cities a job he considered exciting.

In 2002 Shingi Munyeza became the Chief Executive Officer of Zimbabwe Sun Limited (ZSL) and managed to get 35% shares of ZSL with a consortium of about 20 business people that he led which was a major leap for the beginning of his successful business endeavors. In 2008 he bought more shares and managed to become the major share holder of Zimbabwe Sun Limited which had a positive impact for ZSL’s future as it thrived and expanded beyond the Zimbabwean borders. Munyeza renamed ZSL to ASL (Africa Sun Limited). ASL now has businesses properties in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. After managing to acquire hotels in these different areas Munyeza secured about $25 million which he used to revitalize these hotels. The hotels and facilities under Africa Sun include Trout beck Inn, Holiday Inn, Elephant Hills and Monomotapa Crowne Plaza. Shingi Munyeza was given an honorary doctorate in Business administration and Development by Solusi University in Zimbabwe.

Munyeza got the following awards

  • Zimbabwe Outstanding Young Person Award (2004)
  • Chief Executive Officer of the Year (2008) conferred by the Institute of People Management Zimbabwe
  • Institute of Directors Award Winner (2008)
  • Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Personality of the Year (2008-2012)
  • Runner Up (2 times) Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (2009-2011)
  • Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and Development by Solusi University