Crime is not a new thing to Zimbabwe and I’m not sure the statistics suggest that things have gotten worse in the last year. What I am sure of is that many Zimbabweans are affected by crime. With that in mind security of the home, your business and your person should always be on your mind. This presents an opportunity for a business that offers security solutions. Not the security guard company that you would normally think of but rather a business that sells security items to the general public. Here are some security items you can look to sell and create a business on the back of.

Pepper spray

This is a very effective deterrent to any attackers. You can find small, deodorant sized cans of pepper spray (tear gas) available for sale to the general public. These small devices are in demand and can save people from precarious situations. It is not only available in spray form but also in exploding ball form which can be thrown at attackers or on the ground to explode if the situation calls for it.


The humble whistle can be used as a security device to alert people within proximity if one is in danger. These small devices are very effective and yet they go for very little. They can be found for as little as US 25 cents and sold for easily double that to the right people. Women’s groups have been encouraging the ownership of whistles to raise the alarm in the event of an attack.

Personal alarms

A personal alarm is a small electronic device that can make an alarm sound, light up or both when activated. These small devices are useful in personal security for various types of users. Individuals both old and young as well as security teams can use them as an additional method to raise the alarm if their safety is compromised.


If you handle cash for business or personally a safe is always a good idea. Many types of safes use different methods to secure valuables extending beyond cash. Analogue combination safes, digital combination safes, biometric access safes and various combinations of these methods are available. They vary widely in size, you can find safes that accommodate all sorts of things. Anyone with anything worth securing can see the value in a good quality safe.

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television Systems are video surveillance systems that allow for the watching, recording and remote access viewing of camera footage. I’m sure we can all cite cases where CCTV systems have been used to deter and catch people in acts they should otherwise not be committing. One thing to be wary of when selling and especially installing CCTV systems is the issues around privacy and when and where it is acceptable to record people and where consent may be required.

Premises alarms

Premises alarms come in various configurations. You can find those that make a sound or the silent alarms that contact nominated individuals or security companies when a breach has been detected. These can be used on business premises or in the home so your base of customers is quite wide. They do not have to be huge complicated systems. You can find a variety of systems that match different customer situations. To customers, a premises alarm could be the difference between losing everything and keeping it.

These some ideas you can implement to start a small business that is focused on security. The ideas here are listed because they are small and easy to start without much if any need for regulations around the legality of the equipment.