Ric Chasers clothing is a fashion brand that has done something amazing as it has weathered the storm of the COVID-19 induced lockdown and possibly come out stronger. You may have seen Ric Chasers clothing on popular people such as South Africans Cassper Nyovest and Boity as well Zimbabwean heavyweights such as Pokello and the Genius Ginimbi Kadungure. Ric Chasers can basically be described as ready to go streetwear that caters to the trends that are present. While they made a big splash with bomber jackets they do have a wide range.

Richmond Mlambo is the person behind it and he cites an early love for sneakers as the springboard that delivered him to the fashion world. This passion drove him to create something that people could match with the sneakers he has such love for. Launched in 2015 the brand has weathered the lockdown storm. The obstacle is the way and that is true according to Mlambo who credits mask manufacturing and sales with being pivotal to their survival in a difficult 2020 year. With general demand, especially for discretionary items like designer clothing, it was necessary to pivot to where the action is.

He also showed great optimism by looking at how much time the slowdown of business gave people to focus on other things that help them grow. For Richmond that was his creative process which can be interrupted by attending to the mundane and routine parts of the business. He went on to say that is a major challenge in running the business. Saying while the business is supplying clothing the other tasks involved in supporting that vision can act as distractions. Being serious about the use of time and tasking has been key for Richmond. He used the additional to create a look book which he credits as a source of a lot the business they have received since lockdown.

Being big in streetwear Richmond names FUBU founder Daymond John as a role model. He points to how John and company changed the world of streetwear by meeting the customer on familiar ground. While many prefer to do business in theory from ivory towers the real answers to questions posed are always within the very people the business is trying to serve. Mlambo also stressed that we need to take businesses like fashion seriously as they represent our culture and us as people. Ultimately fabric is fabric but the stories that the fabric tells hold more value than the cost of putting the fabric together.

Ric Chasers was taken professional in 2015 when Richmond sold out a collection of caps he had produced. That was the sign. All he needed was the first group of customers to confirm that he could indeed monetise his passion. Looking back now it almost seems as if it was always going to happen. His burning passion was simply confirmed by the success of that collection. The product line is not the only that has changed as Richmond moved his business from the Harare CBD to working at the Village walk with Pokello. The value of relationships in business is another thing that Mlambo stresses is key. He speaks of the early days in business when he struggled with finding great suppliers and partners with equally matched visions.

When asked about the future of Ric Chasers the best word to sum it up was big. Richmond is evidently ambitious and he has desires to grow bigger, not only increasing the product line but also the reach of the brand. Judging on the recent past you would certainly believe he is on course to grow. Fashion is a dynamic business and keeping your finger on the pulse is important. In addition to dressing the popular Richmond has also attended Africa fashion week amongst other shows. He appreciates the exposure and inspiration he has gained from playing in those circles.

Ric Chasers clothing is about to release a new exciting collection and you can camp on their Instagram to find out more about it. The brand has a wide product range that now covers men, women and children.