Today I take a reviewing (& revealing) look at Strive Masiyiwa’s Facebook page. Strive epitomizes what it means to be a social media influencing maverick. His page has more than 3.6 million followers & still counting. My reasons for reviewing his page are simple. First off, his content is a wellspring of wisdom both applicable in business & life in general. Additionally, how he runs his page serves to give a practical example of what you ought to do to use Facebook effectively. Don’t look at this article as just a review of his page; I’m letting you in on some secrets to effective use of Facebook & social media in general.

The World’s Number One Facebook Page

Almost 800 million posts were looked at last year and a page by page ranking was done. In that study, 34 of Strive Masiyiwa’s posts made it into the top 500 posts – globally. This safely placed his page at the top with a total of over 63 million engagements last year. In case you are wondering, engagements refer to metrics such as likes, comments, shares & reactions. The page that came in second place had 22 posts in the top 500 & slightly over 51.5 million engagements. Strive’s page is a global pinnacle of social media influencing.

What’s His Page About?

Strive’s methodology is quite simple; he shares content so as to raise awareness about pertinent things particularly to do with business. He posts mini-blog type of posts which are visionary in nature. After every post, he comments on further details pertaining to the subject matter in the form of what he terms ‘after-thoughts’. He also endeavours to respond to some comments to further the discussion; understandably he can’t respond to all the comments – they are always plenty. Depending on the nature & length of the subject matter, he usually packages his posts into a series.

Secrets behind his page’s global success:


Strive employs persuasive writing & story-telling; that makes his posts very compelling. Often times he narrates about accounts from his own personal life. That is a very powerful approach because people tend to resonate with people’s personal accounts. In his case it’s even enhanced by the fact that he is a renowned global businessman and as such what he says is taken very seriously by people. Normally video content is what drives high engagements on social media. It might actually interest you to know that the other 9 in the top 10 best Facebook pages for 2018 used video content for their posts mostly. Strive has very limited video content (just 18 videos to date on his page). He has defied the statistics by dominating using text story-telling type of posts.


I wrote a whole article on this because it’s very important to effective use of social media. Strive is a guru at this on his page; his page is completely devoid of monologues as every post is characterized by two-way conversation. Whenever he posts he:

Asks Questions

He asks questions or asks for people’s input on the subject matter – this stimulates dialogue. There is something he does which is very unique that drives two-way conversation to the zenith. If he notes a relevant comment by someone, he copies it, responds it below and re-posts the comment and response together. I have noticed it stirs people to participate in the discussions as they will be anticipating to be acknowledged – it feels quite good actually.

Makes Calls To Action

Often times he calls on people to act upon something he would have discussed. For instance, he can narrate an incident & calls upon people to share lessons learnt from that story. At times he can assign people to go do practical assignments and asks people to give feedback later. He can also mention a reading reference and urges people to go look it up and give their remarks later on. I believe this aspect of CTAs is one of the key drivers that have stimulated the growth of his page. This is closely tied into and brings me to the next point:

Institutes Contests, Rewards & Prizes

People always get lured & hooked to the prospects of winning something in a contest. From time to time he comes up with challenges or contests that he attaches prizes to. I recall at one point he did a contest where the winners would get a one year internship working closely with him. At times he can randomly reward someone from a post they would have posted. I remember not too long ago there was a guy who posted about how he really respected Kofi Annan and wished he could attend his funeral. Strive went on to facilitate for the person to join his delegation that would go to the funeral.


Post Content & Scheduling

Strive is very strategic about his posts and his posting schedules. His posts have a fixed length that isn’t too long; remember the series approach he does at times – it’s also meant to divide his content into moderately sized chunks. When he posts something, he gives a breathing space of a few days before making his next post. He is very uniform, structured & consistent in his approach.


Being Solution-Centric

People don’t like to just dwell on articulating problems, they want progressive solutions. Every single one of Strive’s posts discusses solutions to wide-ranging global problems. He facilitates dialogue & throws in thinking points plus advice that stimulates people to actively brainstorm on how to tackle problems.

If you are a serious entrepreneur you can’t afford to not be following Strive Masiyiwa’s page. There is a lot to learn from the wealth of knowledge that is there. You also get to study and follow his example on how to effectively run a Facebook page. Like the Strive Masiyiwa Facebook Page (opens in new tab).