We checked for the prices and availability of basic grocery items in 3 supermarkets in Harare CBD: OK Mbuya Nehanda, Food World Mbuya Nehanda and TM Harare Street. Below are the prices. The actual prices in the stores are in ZWL. The average USD Price in the table below assumes an exchange rate of 1 USD = ZWL 400 which is the black market exchange rate.

Prices of Groceries May 2022

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ItemQuantityOK (ZWL)Food World (ZWL)TM (ZWL)Average USD PriceCheapest
Sugar2KG995.99855929.992.32Food World
Cooking Oil (ZimGold)2 Litres1778.454.45N/A
Powdered Milk (Cremora)1 Kg1489.991722.31349.993.80TM
Full Cream Milk (Chimombe)1Litre449.99484.85449.991.15OK & TM
Self Raising Flour (Gloria)2 KG889.991020.95999.992.43OK
Rice (Mega)2KG849.99728.3895.992.06Food World
Spaghetti (Mega)400g243.99204.45267.990.60Food World
Mazoe Orange Crush2 Litres1014.991549.31099.993.05OK
Sunlight Washing Powder2KG1049.491418.61279.993.12OK
Greenbar (Brightlight)1 Bar679.99637.25499.991.51TM
Peanut Butter (Mamas)375 ml536.99534.45529.991.33TM
Bread (Proton)1 Loaf351.99344.990.87N/A
Mealie meal (Red Seal Super Roller Meal)10KG2172.992214.41559.994.96TM
Eggs (Irvines)1 Crate/30 eggs1679.981870.41699.994.38OK
Dishwasher (Spotless)750ml490.29498.65449.991.20TM


We calculated the average prices of items which were available in all supermarkets. The cheapest supermarket is TM Supermarket, closely followed OK supermarket, making Food World the most expensive among the 3.