We checked for the prices and availability of basic grocery items in 3 supermarkets in Harare CBD: OK Mbuya Nehanda, Food World Mbuya Nehanda and TM Harare Street. Below are the prices

Grocery Prices May 2021

ItemQuantityOK SupermarketFood World SupermarketTM Supermarket
Sugar2 KG$226.99$246.1$226.99
Cooking Oil (ZimGold)2 Litres$379.99$382.99$389.99
Powdered Milk (Cremora)1 Kg$489.99$527.95$449.99
Full Cream Milk (Chimombe)1 Litre$161.99$159.99$169.99
Self Raising Flour (Gloria)2 KG$199.99$236.3$244.99
Rice (Mega Premium)2 KG$245.99$249.7N/A
Spaghetti (Mega)250g$39.99$32.3$49.99
Mazoe Orange Crush2 Litres $294.99$299$299.99
Boom Washing Powder1KG$223.99$253.8$234.99
Bar of Soap Green Bar1 bar$129.99$122.55$124.99
Peanut Butter (Mama's)375ml$189.99$188.9$199.99
Bread (Lobels & Bakers Inn)1 loaf$94$95.49$93.85
Mealie meal Super Refined (Pearlenta)10 KG$694.99$756.2N/A
Eggs (Crate)1 Crate (30 eggs)$524.99$533.5$549.99
Salt (Red Seal)1 KG$41.99$38.95$41.99
Dishwasher (Spotless)750 Ml$155.99$164.85$119.99

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