It has been a while since I did an entrepreneur profile. Entrepreneur profiles are so important because they serve multiple purposes. You get to know about some notable personalities in or from Zimbabwe. You most definitely get inspired in the process. Today, we look at Memory Nguwi, a Registered Occupational Psychologist and Human Resources Consultant. I first knew about Memory Nguwi several years ago; funny story. A close friend did their internship at his company. It quickly struck me how structured and top-tier the company was run. Thus I feel both privileged and nostalgic to be now talking about Mr Nguwi today.

Who Is Memory Nguwi?

Memory Nguwi is the Founder, Managing Consultant and a Registered Occupational Psychologist at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. He founded the company in 2004. He wields impeccable experience in HR Management with core focuses on line function and consultancy services. His projects span the private sector, not-for-profit sector, and state-owned enterprises (SOEs).


University Of Zimbabwe

Masters in Occupational Psychology

University Of Zimbabwe

Diploma in Occupational Psychology

Institute Of Personnel Management

Diploma in Labour Relations

University Of Zimbabwe

B.Sc. Honours in Psychology

Professional Experience

April 2004 – Present

Managing Consultant and Registered Occupational Psychologist at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

July 2019 – Present

Non-Executive Member: Finance, Risk, Audit, and Compliance Subcommittee of the Governing Council at The African Academy of Sciences

January 2019 – Present

Board Member & Chairman of the HR Committee at Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)

July 2015 – September 2021

Non-Executive Director at Schweppes Zimbabwe Ltd

June 2018 – July 2021

Board Member at Health Services Board (Zimbabwe)

October 2017 – September 2018

President at Zimbabwe Psychological Association

March 2015 – February 2017

Non-Executive Member of the Human Resources Committee at Medicines Control Authority

February 2012 – February 2017

Non-Executive Board Member at Transparency International Zimbabwe

January 2015 – December 2015

Non-Executive Board Member at Fidelity Life Assurance

July 2014 – November 2015

Non-Executive Board Member of the Advisory Committee at Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund

August 2012 – November 2015

Councillor at National Manpower Advisory Council

February 2011 – September 2013

Non-Executive Board Member at Capital Bank

March 2001 – January 2003

Group Human Resources Manager at Rapid Financial Holdings

January 1999 – February 2001

Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young

Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC)

This is the best HR consultancy firm in Zimbabwe. IPC (Pvt) Ltd is an award-winning HR and Business Consulting firm with nearly 20 years of experience. They have handled over 10 000 projects, spanning from small to large enterprises. This is not limited to Zimbabwe; they have also done regional projects.

Their services include providing Psychometric Testing, Training & Development, Employment and Strategy Workshop Facilitation services, and more. You can learn more about Industrial Psychology Consultants on their website. You can also engage them on Twitter. Their physical address is 170 Arcturus Road, Greendale in Harare. You can email them at

The Human Capital Hub

This portal is where they share knowledge on HR practices from various global experts who have volunteered to share their research-based articles. The platform provides invaluable information on the latest HR insights, trends, and career advice. The portal has over 650 000 overall users, 2500 daily users, and over 1600 articles. Other than articles, the other HR resources on the platform are toolkits, events, and guides.

In Conversation With Trevor

Memory Nguwi was invited for an interview with Trevor Ncube on his program In Conversation With Trevor. It is one of the most notable speaking engagements by Memory Nguwi you will love. Anyways, one of the striking topics he talked about was psychological safety. Psychology safety is the freedom for one (particularly a subordinate) to disagree without inviting career-limiting consequences. He bluntly laid out some piercing truths. For instance, he was impressed that things like teambuilding waste money and time if psychological safety is not there.

He emphasised that superiors should allow subordinates to disagree and actually to muse on their viewpoints. For instance, a subordinate can express a viewpoint suggesting a particular strategy may not work. This should be considered without punishing the one who has disagreed. He said regardless of level, people must be allowed to put their views on the table. It is the views that should compete for authenticity and credibility. The entire interview is available on YouTube; kindly go check it out.

3 Inspiring Memory Nguwi Quotes

Memory Nguwi has said so many wholesome things on so many platforms. I have not yet exhausted most of what he puts out because it is perpetual and ever-rich. However, I will share some of the inspiring things he has said. These are my top 3 picks:

Of Psychometric Tests In Zimbabwe

A notable trend in this country is that those hesitant to use psychometric testing have a corrupt recruitment and selection process. Leaders in those organizations oppose psychometric tests because they may not even pass them. As a result, they prefer a selection process that they can manipulate.

Of Business Finances And Hiring Practices

Pay your statutory obligations no matter the circumstances. If you hide, they will always catch up with you. Pay your staff first before paying yourself. Employ professional staff and look after them. If you employ relatives, make sure they are hired based on merit, and they should never have any preferential treatment. Just because you have money coming in does not mean you should spend it all on personal or unnecessary business expenses.

Of What Drives Job Performance

The most important thing is what is in your brain, your ability to think and find solutions to problems; that is key! 

You can engage with Memory Nguwi on Twitter or email him at I highly recommend you follow him on Twitter; you will understand why and thank me later. He recently indicated that his book is on its way sometime soon. That is something to look forward to, given the wealth of his experiences.