Entrepreneur Profile

Name: Wonder Kazungu

Title: Founder

Company Name: Wayne Motors

Products: Motor Spares – Braking System Products

Business Location:  69 Kaguvi street, Harare

Number of Employees: 2

Years in Business: 9 years

Phone Number: +263773927659, +263733322160


Tell us your name, tell us about your business and where you operating from.

Wonder Kazungu: My name is Wonder Kazungu. I operate from Kaguvi Street, Harare where I sell some motors spares. My business name is Wayne Motors.


Okay what led you to start that business? Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

Wonder Kazungu: This started when I was working for Jarzins Supermarket in Kaguvi. I used to see those road runners making a lot of money by that time, since I was going to college doing motor mechanics I had an idea about some of the spares they were selling. By road runners I mean those middlemen. So by then I decided to leave my job as a shelf packer to start selling motor spares as a road runner ‘middle man’. By that time was earning very little in Jarzin supermarket compared to those road runners so I quit my job. Life became a little bit harder but I didn’t quit until one of my brother in law cum friend advised me to start saving some money so that we make our own orders from South Africa. Since we were  doing the same thing, we helped each other by finding part numbers from those who were already in motor spares industry.


So what motivated you to keep going during the hard times?

Wonder Kazungu: Some of my friends and those who were already in motor spares business motivated me because they were succeeding, so I kept on working hard, knowing that one day I will reach the top.


Tell us more about your business, what kind of products do you offer? Do you provide spares for all motor vehicles or you specialize on a few vehicle makes?

Wonder Kazungu: My business is still small due to lack of funds so I decided to specializes in braking system mostly brake discs, brake drums, brake shoes, brake adjusters and wheel cylinders and also I do pressure plates, clutch plate and thrust bearings. At one point things went from bad to worse so that I ended quitting. I moved from where I used to  operate at because of rent but little did I know that I was running away from my regular customers. So it takes time for me to get new customers even right now, I am trying to find out the best way to have customers especially from big garages or big  companies, who will be able to support me with big orders.

Some of his products


Apart from getting more customers, which other challenges/problems are you facing in your business?

Wonder Kazungu: First one is, I don’t have enough funds for a front shop then the second problem is we share the shop so I have to stick to those spares only and last one is there is high competition in our industry.


How are you dealing with those challenges? What’s the plan? How are you going to grow your business?

Wonder Kazungu: Right now I am saving some money so that I will order from Dubai so that I can challenge my competitors because some of them order from South Africa. If I manage going to Dubai I will be far ahead of them


How do you market your business? How do you find new customers? What do you do to make sure they become return customers?

 Wonder Kazungu: I get some customers from those guys we call road runners but nowadays I am paying Classifieds advertising company, but still the customers are not coming in numbers.


How are you dealing with the Forex challenges in your business as parts are imported?

Wonder Kazungu: This is another big challenge because we normally set the price according to the rates, but customers don’t like someone who changes prices every day, because after our daily sales we have to buy forex.


What advice would you give to other Zimbabweans who would want to start the motor spares business?

Wonder Kazungu: Firstly start with specializing, second find a front shop and a tried and tested sales person who has knowledge about motor spares and lastly you must have enough funds.


What advice would you give to other Zimbabweans who are complaining of the tough economic conditions?

 Wonder Kazungu: My advice to all Zimbabweans let’s work hard towards the recovery of our economy, everyone must improve his/her, standards in whatever he/she is doing, don’t keep on blaming the government.


Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

 Wonder Kazungu: In five years time my business will be one of best growing business in Africa.


How can our readers get in touch with you if they want some of your products.

Wonder Kazungu: I am located at 69 Kaguvi street, Harare, my shop is inside that building: WAYNE MOTORS Cell 0773927659 and 0733322160.


What are your last words to our readers, and advice to all entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe?

Wonder Kazungu: My last words to our readers is let’s support each other in business and say no to procrastination.


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