Health and beauty is a large industry with many opportunities existing in it. While most of the product tend to favour the affluent you can still find your way in the market with just a little innovation and a lot of attention paid to your market.

The approach will determine a lot. If you’re going to go for the spa positioning you will need premises. Beautifully maintained premises in a quiet location will do. You will need equipment and this is where it gets complex. There are many complicated machines out there but there is also the beauty of hand massage techniques. You’ll have to decide who you are early on and work towards that. In addition to a spa or as a distinct business you can simply offer the mobile massage service. Popular thinking might tell this is not the easiest idea. While this is true there are a good number of people who need massage services for reasons beyond pampering and would be happy to have the masseuse come to them.


First things first, hygiene is the most important thing. You will need to have an excellent standard of hygiene. I would recommend extensive training for oneself and any staff that will be involved in the business. While good hygiene in itself will not win you any extra customers or business, the lack of it can destroy your business.


This is the most important part of this business. You will need suitably qualified staff to deliver the right sort of treatment and care to customers. There are many different types of massage and having staff qualified to deliver each of these will go a long way towards setting yourself up as a favourite for customers. If you are going to be heavily involved in the business you might want to consider getting some training for yourself and your staff on customer service. In this business customer care goes a long way.


Branding is key and so is advertising for that matter. You need to communicate an idea that is consistent with the experience your customers will get. Be honest in your messages and do not flatter to deceive. This business is generally associated with wealthy clientele which mean image matters a lot.


Aside from starting your own spa or offering the mobile massage service, you can position yourself as a 3rd p[arty provider for accommodation businesses which do not already offer the service to their clientele. This done right will give you a good flow of business and a wide network to work with if you can secure many. The market is wide and full of options. You may also consider occasion based packages targeting events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and such. In many markets, there are people on the fringes, who wish to participate in what is being offered but cannot accept for various reasons the offer in its current configuration. This is one such market.


A registered and licenced business goes a long way towards opening up avenues for business. Licencing rules will depend largely on your local authority. Check with your council or municipality to understand the rules that apply in your location.


There are oils and other products used in this business for clients. These can be quite costly. In order to satisfy hygiene requirements, you will also expect a huge laundry bill as things such as robes and towels will be single use before they are washed. This expense can get pretty hefty but is often overlooked before entering the business.


The business is capital intensive if you decide to go the premises route. Worldwide spas that are housed by other business such as medical centres or accommodation providers earn a profit of around 50%. Where you are a stand-alone business the profit margin is between 10-15%. But this is Zimbabwe and you may need to make some extra expenditure to guarantee the quality of your service. So these margins may be slightly impaired. All things considered, the numbers are good.

Health and beauty is a big business and this business is certainly one way to take advantage of the growth of the industry.