Many industries suffered due to lockdowns that were instituted to help curb the spread of covid-19. Among those industries was the health and fitness industry in the way of gyms being closed. In a rather ironic corresponding twist of fate, many people found themself falling out of desirable shape with the change in behaviour patterns. The stay at home trend that emerged also caused people to look at their choices having to engineer new ways to keep healthy and fit. Some business ideas can take advantage of this opportunity. We will call them health and fitness businesses but there really is a wide range to them.

Exercise Equipment

With the workout scene being moved to at home a lot of people are ready to invest money in their home gym so to speak. What’s encouraging from a business standpoint is that home exercise equipment comes in the form of small-ticket items. Skipping ropes, yoga mats, aerobics steps, Swiss balls, medicine balls and resistance bands are all examples of low-cost home exercise equipment. There is a healthy market for this type of equipment all year round.

Exercise Gear

While just about any clothes will do when one wants to work out there are clothes and gear that are better for exercising in and that’s another thing you can take advantage of and supply to customers. The best part about those who are willing to invest money in the correct exercise gear is that they will not shy away from spending top dollar for the right gear to exercise in. Anything from shoes, socks, tights, tracksuits, sweatpants, armbands and vests goes. Also, consider reflective gear for the runners.


Now of course it’s not just about exercise when it comes to health and fitness. Diet and nutrition play a big part in getting your body right. You as an intuitive business person can tune into this need. Dietary supplements come in so many different forms. From standalone vitamins and minerals such as Iron, herbal supplements such as grape seed extract, diet formulae such as Herbalife and even eastern dietary aids such as those sold by Tianshi and Greenworld. There are so many opportunities in this and you really do have your pick of which to take.

Personal Training and Coaching

Another element of the health and fitness journey that is not given the credit it deserves is that of motivation and coaching. Different strokes for different folks but there are a lot of people who appreciate a helping hand when it comes to their exercise. This is not an easy start business you should at least some sort of training or coaching qualification as well as a first-aid certificate preferably from the Red Cross society. This is initially a time-intensive business but with a little effort and smarts, you can take on groups of people at a time or use technology to multiply your time. There are great prospects for building recurring income customer relationships.

Meal planning

As mentioned before diet is also a big part of the health and fitness journey. Some go as far as to say that it is 80% of your results. Eating healthy is of course very important to being healthy. Unfortunately, it is rather complicated and knowing what to eat, how much of it to eat, where to find it and how to prepare it is a bit too much for the average person and this is where you come in. Providing meals which are healthy and catered to different diets is something customers would appreciate very much. You have many options to look at including vegetarian, vegan, Banting, ketogenic, low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) and other diet plans that are very popular with the health-conscious.

These are some great health and fitness business ideas you can add to an existing business or start them as completely standalone businesses.