Businesses:  Hamilton Group & African Medallion Group


Frank was born Tawanda Buyanga on 14 September 1979 in the United Kingdom. He started his first business when he was only 18 in 1998. The business was called Summit Trading, based in the United Kingdom, and it traded in commodities, mainly sugar. After that he started another company, Ferco Trading Ltd, which was an import and export business which exposed him to the global business world. In his early 20’s, he also started other businesses which included a pound shop, a garage, and a a financial advisory and mortgaging firm in the United Kingdom.

His most known Zimbabwe business is Hamilton group of companies, which comprises of Hamilton Insurance, Hamilton Property Holdings, and Hamilton Finance. In 2014, it was reported that his company had bought Cell Funeral Assurance Company.

His micro-finance company, Hamilton Finance, was involved in a lot of court cases in Zimbabwe. It was accused of being a “loan shark” after selling properties of clients who would have failed to repay their loans. He is a close friend of Nicholas van Hoogstraten, the British multi millionaire, and Frank says he once received a $25 million dollar loan from van Hoogstraten to fund some of his businesses.

Frank Buyanga founded the African Medallion Group in March 2017. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and sells gold medallions/coins. In May 2018, it acquired  – “The Pagliari Group” and “The Cape Mint” (A precious metals manufacturing facility based in Cape Town). The company says that it has more than 3.5 billions Rands worth of gold reserves. Frank Buyanga’s full portfolio of companies is not known, he is believed to have several other companies and investments in Africa and Europe.

Frank Buyanga is based in South Africa, and is well known in Zimbabwe as a young millionaire who drives flashy and expensive cars. In 2018, he imported a Bugatti Veyron car worth more than $2 million dollars.