The more often customers use a product the more likely they are to think about the provider of the product. In an ideal, this would be about daily purchases exclusively, which would obviously be great for your bottom line if you venture into these businesses. But even if the revenue does not come in daily, the daily usage or appreciation of the business will put you in high regard with your customers and keep you appreciated. Which businesses can you venture into that have daily use patterns?

Coffee shop/Food truck

Coffee consumers and fast-food customers have one thing in common, they tend to go for these items daily. The repeat business is almost predictable once you have figured out what your customers really need. These industries are flooded, especially on the fast-food side so coming up with an offering that stands out is imperative. Once a customer is hooked you can count on daily repeat business.


Baked goods are food that people enjoy daily and a bakery business can certainly open you up to daily customers. Bread, scones, buns, doughnuts, rolls, croissants and many more baked items are enjoyed daily by lovers of them. That’s an extremely motivated bunch of people who you would be very happy to count on as customers.


A lot of people who read do it daily. It is habitual behaviour. So whether you write books, blogs, poems or articles you can put yourself in the position of having daily users for your products. Copywriters are a great example of writers who enjoy daily use of their writing.


Logos and websites are two important products that come from designers, graphic and Web which enjoy daily use. These are actually top candidates because they are more than they seem. They form part of the customer’s identity and are deeply appreciated.

Social Media Management

What says daily use more than the thing that the majority of people are using daily in one form or another? Social Media Managers are the people behind the social media accounts that we lobe and adore for the content and interaction they provide.

Yoga/ exercise

Exercise is of course another activity that people tend to engage in daily. A business that is in health and fitness is likely to enjoy daily use by its customers and that is a good position to be in.

Child care

The care of children is another good example of daily use business. When done correctly you create a very close bond that cannot be replaced. Providing childcare services will have you in the hearts and minds of your customers every day.


Beauty and cosmetic products are without a doubt daily use products. Whether in the form of bath products, creams, colognes or makeup they are used daily by customers and being such personal products related to how people see themself and are seen by others they make great daily use business ideas.


We already spoke about people accessing social media daily so how about the access method. For many, that is still through a mobile connection and that is where the airtime business comes in. Becoming a merchant for a provider like Hot recharge is a great way to get in on this action.

There are surely a lot more daily use businesses ideas out there and hopefully, the ones listed here have set the wheels in motion in your mind of what you can do.