I love doing entrepreneur profiles or interviews for Zimbabwean businesses or startups. I believe it is paramount that we publish our Zimbabwean success stories. It is actually a multipurpose venture in that it branches out into several upsides. Aspiring entrepreneurs get to draw inspiration from real-life accounts of fellow Zimbabweans doing it. The entrepreneurs also get to find exposure for their brands as well. In this article, I am talking about Click Drive Car Rental Services. Recently managed to have a chat with them and the following was what we discussed.

Kindly Tell Me Who You Are Including Your Goals And Objectives

My name is Kingsley Mabureki. My main goal is to grow and create an organisation that will continue operating for generations to come. Creating wealth and sustainable livelihoods for people around me, directly and indirectly, is also my goal. I am also working towards community and charity outreach programmes.

When And How did Click Drive Car Rental Services Start? Tell Me About How You Ended Up With The Whole Idea.

I was into farming (Tobacco and Maize) and after harvesting my goal was to buy a car and what I had in mind was a Toyota Raum. I then realised I could afford a Nissan Extrail; I thought to myself this was the best as it was spacious and could handle off-road terrains.

A friend of mine told me how they were looking for cars to hire in their organisation. Out of interest, I asked him why they needed to hire a car instead of buying one he explained that they only needed that type of vehicle for a period of time.

I then did my research and decided I wanted in. I hired out my only car for a month to an individual who had come from the diaspora. This individual went back to the diaspora and I started getting calls from people who had been referred to me by this individual. I am forever grateful to this diaspora client who has continued to support me to this very day.  I started operating at home and I registered the business. After 2 years I was able to secure an office.

What Is Your Long Term Vision?

I want to set an indelible footprint or mark in the tourism industry by expanding beyond our national borders. I also want to create generational wealth for the ones coming after me creating a better livelihood for all stakeholders of Click Drive Car Rental. My vision also includes contributing to the betterment of Zimbabwe as no contribution is too little. I see myself setting up a foundation where the underprivileged and disabled are emancipated.

This will equip them with skills so that they may be able to fend for themselves and their families. Roughly 7% of the disabled are blind and my interest lies in assisting this minority group. Every step in the right direction works towards attaining our objectives no effort is put in vain.

What Kind Of Services Do You Offer? What Can People Expect From Your Brand?

We offer car rental services (car hire), airport transfers, chauffeur-driven and city tours. We also offer personalised service for our clients. We offer individuals, SMEs and NGOs in support of their projects. We provide convenience. We pride ourselves on smooth and exceptional service. People can expect remarkable service provision from us.

Tell Me About Your Team (If Any). As In, Its Size And Composition

We are a team of 9. We complement each other resoundingly and enjoy the perks of a good team effort on a day to day basis. We have our Operations Manager, the Sales and Marketing team, our driver, mechanic, auto, our Accountant and the Administrator.

Currently, How Do You Cater For Your Financial And Material Needs To Produce Your Work?

Initially, we used to get funding from the bank but now we re-invest our profits or tap into our general reserve.

What Challenges Are You Currently Facing?

We need significantly huge capital investment to buy more vehicles to sustain our ever-growing demand. We sometimes fail to fulfil the demand for cars because they would all have been hired out.

What Form Of Assistance Would You Need To Optimize And Grow Your Brand?

Top of the list would be capital. We would also appreciate it if any people out there would want to hire out their cars. We open to people coming forward for that and we can always outsource from them to meet our demand.

For Those Interested In Assisting You Financially Or Materially How Can They Do That?

It is basically through 3 ways namely, brand awareness, financial (i.e. short term loans), and partnerships with other organisations. So those who would be interested in assisting through any of those ways can contact us.

Tell Me Anything You Feel You Would Want The People Out There To Know

Life without challenges is boring. Nothing comes easy. Every day small efforts build-up to the dream, goal or vision. So we need to wake up every day and put in the work for us to yield results and this applies to everyone in any aspect of life. I am grateful to my supportive family and team who work tirelessly putting in the work and efforts to keep the dream alive.

So that is Click Drive Car Rental Services for you. You can check them out on their website here. You can also email them at sales@clickdrive.co.zw.You can also find them on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can alternatively contact them via mobile on +263 0715 452 064.