Chicken Inn is a popular fast food outlet in Zimbabwe. They offer a variety of chicken based meals, chips, burgers and drinks. The Chicken Inn prices are in both USD & Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWL). Prices have been relatively somewhat stable for a while, thanks to the US dollar. This is because inflation has not been rapidly spiking as was the case not too long ago. Month on month inflation is currently around 2.76 percent whereas year on year inflation stands at roughly 362 percent. Still undesirably high but not like it used to. At some point in 2020 year on year inflation was in the regions of 800 or so percent. Anyways, inflation seems to be slightly gaining again; we will see how the year progresses. In this article I shall be looking at the latest Chicken Inn Prices as of February 2021. Chicken Inn accepts several payment methods including USD Cash, Bond Notes, Swipe & Ecocash. Their effective exchange rate is 1 USD = ZWL $100. Food can be ordered instore or via the Dial A Delivery app.


Chicken Pieces Prices

1 Piece$100$1
1 Piecer + Large Chips$200$2
2 Piecer + Large Chips$300$3
3 Piecer + Regular Chips + Coleslaw$500$5
6 Piecer$600$6
Chicken Inn 2 Piecer Price

The popular Chicken Inn 2 Piecer Meal

Chicken Inn Prices – Rotisserie Chicken

Quarter Chicken$200$2
Quarter Chicken + Chips$300$3
Half Chicken$350$3.50
Half Chicken + Chips$450$4.50
Full Chicken$600$6
Full Chicken + Chips$700$7


Chips Prices

Medium Chips$100$1
Mega Chips$200$2


Chicken Inn Prices – Wingz Dealz

4 Spicy Wingz$200$2
4 Spicy Wingz + Regular Chips$300$3
6 Spicy Wingz$300$3
12 Spicy Wingz$500$5
24 Spicy Wingz$1500$10


Burgers Prices

Beef Burger$200$2
Double Beef Burger$300$3
Chicken Burger$200$2
Double Chicken Burger$300$3


Chicken Inn Prices – Value Meals

Chicken Bites – Small$200$2
Chicken Bites – Large$300$3
Chicken Wrap – Regular$200$2
Chicken Wrap – Spicy$200$2


Salads Prices



Little Chicken Meals Prices

Kiddies Bites

(with regular chips and toy)

Kiddies Drumstick

(with regular chips and toy)



Chicken Inn Prices – Drinks

330ml Can$95$1
330ml Coke Zero$85$0.75
500ml PET$55$0.50
400ml Minute Maid$150$1.50
500ml Mineral Water$45$0.50
750ml Mineral Water$55$0.75


Extras Prices

Chilli Sauce In A Tub (60ml)$50$0.50
Mushroom Sauce In A Tub (60ml)$100$1



24 Chicken Wingz$900$9
8 Piece Bucket With Mega Chips$800$8


About Chicken Inn

Chicken Inn Zimbabwe is a subsidiary of Simbisa Brands, which is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). Simbisa Brands is a spinoff company from Innscor Africa, another ZSE listed company. The first Chicken Inn outlet was opened in Harare in 1987, and now Chicken Inn has several branches throughout the country. Chicken Inn is the largest fast food outlet in Zimbabwe. Its meals are loved by the many Zimbabweans, with the most popular product being the 2 piecer and chips. The sister companies of Chicken Inn include Pizza Inn, Bakers Inn, Fish Inn and Creamy Inn.