Zimbabwe has a young population. Based on the 2012 census, out of the total population of 13 061 239, 77% consist of children and youth below 35 years of age. Youth aged 15-34 years number 4 702 046 which constitutes 36% of the national population and those aged between 15 -24 years are 20% of the national population. Thus if you start a business targeting this segment, you will have a large potential customer base. 

Innovative ideas are the golden wealth of a growing business. Chase after money and the stuggering race will never end; but reach out for successful ideas and the sources of money will chase after you to fill your pockets. The youth target market are more bothered about whether what you sell will get them promoted, sacked, recognized, accepted, praised or rejected. Youths are usually driven by prestige and “swag”  to see value in a product or service for example labels like Yeezy, Nike and Jordan gets one associated with a rich background thus terms like , “cheq out mi label dude, my barley is bucksed up excir”. There are a lot of business ideas that target the youth.


Gym Business

Lean is sexy is one maxim that has sent many boys scurrying to work out to look muscular to impress the opposite sex. However there is a huge shortage on the number of good gyms available nationwide in Zimbabwe, leading to the few good gyms being congested. Most youths nowadays are concerned about how they look and the number of backyard gyms has been on the rise. However these lack the right equipment and professional trainers to help people achieve their objectives. Woman also try to remain slender and slim so that they look forever young and are also increasingly becoming interested in fitness training.

Sell beauty products and supplements

 The young generation and women especially from the age 17-29 spend a lot of time in the mirror trying to look “smoking”and fight off acne issues. They shop a lot for beauty products that make them glow and look increasingly beautiful. There is even undeclared competition on hair pieces, weaves and hair accessories. A young lady is always buying a hair product or spray at least once every month. Boys on the other hand purchase a lot of gym supplements to supplement their work outs.

Sell slim fitting clothes   

The fashion world has changed considerably and the today generation idolize the western way of dressing. They are continuously socialized into that dressing by media and TV Shows. The media and TV Shows promote that the new fashionable way of dressing is to wear tight fitting clothes that follow the outline of the body and are not baggy. Many people have made money from buying these clothes cheaply from Tanzania and selling them double the price.

Smart Phone accessories

These days not having a smart phone is unthinkable so much that young people pity those who do not have access to Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter. More than 50% of the young generation now have smart phones and they are always investing more into the phones to have the fanciest pouch, earphones and temper glass. Sometimes they feel it is not enough to have one color for a pouch and keep buying more meaning your customers will always be in need. Earphones rarely last more than 2 months so accessories will ensure that you are always in business.

Private tutoring  

Many young people look for someone to teach them in private as this increases the level of interaction between the student and the teacher. Even some first attempters seek private tutors to either supplement, have a crash course or fully learn content to do with a specific subject. The tutoring business has fastly become popular as many young people are engaged in learning activities in the 21st century.

Open a fast food business          

Young college graduates and all young people who are not yet married and have just began their first job away from the family usually see food preparation as a burdensome task. They prefer to buy a plate of Sadza than buy meat for a dollar, then vegetables etc for one person so they end up looking for a reliable conveniently situated outlet where they can always buy food. Thus a fast food business will greatly benefit from the large youth customer base. 

Game shop or Arcade 

Many youths love to play PlayStation and X-Box games like Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Fifa but do not afford to buy consoles they therefore  opt to pay just a dollar and play for 30 minutes. Some teenagers even save money to play on weekends. Even those who have consoles sometimes pay to play in an arcade because they will be competing with other young people and this is more exciting.


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