They say you never have too little money to start investing right? Well let’s put this to the test and see the best ways to invest $100. And that’s bond too. 

Learn a skill

There are plenty of high demand skills out there these days thanks the advent of digital marketing, technology and social media. One of the best ways to invest a small amount of money like $100 is in a skill. Sites like udemy, skill share and coursera among others offer a wide variety of skill based courses. So pick a skill that’s in high demand, good examples are content creation, copy writing, digital marketing and web design. Turn right around sell your skill.

Buy books

I like to write articles on books and the power they have. You can check out my 10 books for personal finance or 10 must read books for entrepreneurs to get an idea of the books you should be reading among others. Books still provide some of the best lessons in life. Whether you want to learn how to start a business or to network better to boost your business. Sometimes it might just be learning to manage the money you already have or perhaps your time. In the new market books can cost you as much as $30 but if you buy second hand you can find titles for as little as  $5.

Buy data

I mentioned before how places like skill share have courses available via online video. Now those paid services are great for formalized skills but maybe there’s an opportunity in your neighborhood to be a phone repair man. YouTube is a brilliant source of how to videos. And it’s not limited to things like phone repair, I’ve seen DIY videos for making soap, body creams, jewelry, arts, crafts, home wares and more on YouTube. And all you need is a device and a connection.

Start a website/blog

Perhaps you already have a skill, hobby or interest that can be leveraged if invested in. Starting a blog or website could be the way for you to turn that into money. Of course blogs can be started for free on many platforms sometimes a website may be what you require (this depends on the interest). You could be trying to market your own skills that you already possess and a website is great for this. There are some great web domain and hosting packages out there that will cost you as little as $53 for the full year. There are many ways to monetize your website/blog. One caveat here; test the idea before rushing to create a website/blog.

$100 is not a lot of money but that doesn’t stop it from being able to impact your life and earning potential. I’ve outlined really practical things that one can do with it to enhance their skill set regardless of where they are. Remember the lessons gained from these courses, books and videos are not just limited to passion projects and side hustles, you can use relevant ones to improve your workplace skills in formal employment settings. The creation of website or blog around the right idea can be a lucrative opportunity. All in all the idea is to build your capacity to generate more income. And $100 can do that.