One of the secrets to success is living a structured life – a life anchored on values and principles. There are things you should stand for; things that should direct the trajectory of your human existence. It is prudent to set rules for yourself that you should live by. The nature of such rules would vary from individual to individual of course. Regardless, in this article, I shall share 8 rules that you can live by.

Be Private And Low-Key

In this digital age, there is a huge temptation to parade all one does on social media. That is not necessarily a good thing because it has several downsides. There is always someone plotting your downfall; an irony of life. One way you can throw such people off-trail is by living a private and low-key life. If you closely look at most wealthy or notable people, they live private lives. Most of them you will never get to know their spouses or kids. Even their every next move is always a mystery. Making your life public ultimately puts you in a place where you have to live up to people’s standards and expectations. At times you even place unnecessary pressure on yourself to satisfy certain things which will just be figments of your misplaced imagination. You can avoid all these traps by being private and low-key.

Earn And Learn

This pertains to when you are employed or looking for employment. Every job you settle for must be two-pronged. One, it must help you earn, materially and or financially. Two, it must be a platform that helps you learn – knowledge and skills. At the very least, a job must be something that helps you learn. The perfect fit is to get both – earning and learning. When dealing with employment always consider these two vital aspects. It also applies to business and entrepreneurial ventures; consider the same.

Live In The Moment

Most people live a limited life because of one thing – worrying or fretting about tomorrow. There is a balance that you must strike between today and the future. Plan for the future; that is noble but do not compromise today because of the future. You are here now so make the most of today by being fully present here, now. This all sounds so simple but almost everyone struggles with this. The best way for you to make the best of today and increase the likelihood of having a great future lies in today. The things you do now, do them with full devotion and concentration – live in the moment.

Will It Matter 5 Years From Now?

There is an adage that says, “If it will not matter 5 years from now, do not waste 5 minutes worrying about it.” The whole idea here is to ensure you do not waste time and effort on things that do not actually matter. This helps you prioritize well, giving attention to what matters. You have to ask yourself what the end goal is. Will, what you are focusing on or contemplating of focusing on have any worthwhile bearing 5 years from now? That question should help you in making the right decision of what you emotionally and physically invest yourself in now.

Make A Priority List Daily

There is an infinite number of things begging for your attention daily. This is so even though most of the things are pointless. This calls upon you to prioritize. It is said the secret to success is hidden in your daily routine. This means how you spend your day is no joke. Fill your days with only things that feed into a better future for you. That will effectively streamline your day. You can do that by coming up with a priority list of what you get to do in a day. I am somewhat inclined to recommend 3 things per day around which other things will be informed. You can do this day before or on an actual day – devise a 3-item priority list for your everyday.

Intentionally Choose Relationships

Relationships are important but you are not meant to develop them with everyone. Your social circle has huge implications on how you turn out so do not trivialize it. Have you ever noticed how businesses or organizations tend to strategically partner only with like-minded ones? The same goes for you personally, associate only with like-minded people. This preserves the integrity of your personality and what you are pursuing in life. Relationships also involve so much of your emotions so choose wisely. Always put your mental health first; any relationship that threatens it deserves to be abandoned. Keep the number of close relationships at a minimum.

Learn To Say No

It is easier said than done; many people struggle with saying NO. Personally, I get so many opportunities every week of my life. There was a time when I would take them all. As time went on I realized I was choking myself – even affecting my physical and emotional health. Later on, I realized how liberating it was to say NO sometimes. This is just one example of the many possible faces of scenarios that at times need you to say NO. At times the prospects of money will be there but your integrity will be at stake, learn to say NO. That is a packed statement for you to ponder.

Never Be Satisfied With Where You Are

Achievements are usually euphoric but do not let them fool you. Always aim for more and better; do not stay where you are. Always ask yourself – what more can I do or achieve? There is always more.

I am sure you will work these rules into your life somehow. They work quite well for me and so can they for you. You can use them in every facet of your life. Remember you cannot rule any domain before you first effectively rule yourself.