So many different figures are given for the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe. It is actually very difficult to tell which is which given how far apart they mostly are. Regardless it is evident that the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is sky-high. This means job hunting is an uphill task in Zimbabwe. There is a recurrent debate on how that connections now matter more than credentials. It is a lengthy subject but it is worth mentioning since it shows how hard job hunting here is. Anyways, how best can you roll out your job hunting efforts in Zimbabwe? That is what I am discussing in this article.

Keep Your Options Flexible And Open

Gone are the days when it was easy to get a job in line with your study area. It is also now not easy to get a permanent job as well. Mostly you will get short term contract jobs. Given the present circumstances, you will also not easily find a physical job. You will most likely find a job that is partially remote or even fully remote. Why am I giving you all these scenarios? It is so that you adjust your expectations by being open to more possible outcomes. If you are rigid and stick to somewhat old expectations you will never land a job. At times getting that short term contract job in a field you did not study for might be strategic to your next level. Keep your options flexible and open!

Put Time Into Learning About And Preparing For Online Interviews

The likelihood of being interviewed online is much higher now. In fact, the likelihood of landing a job prospective outside the country is high. Thus there are two things you must o namely, prepare for online interviews and study about them. Zoom and Skype are two of the most commonly used platforms for online interviews. Acquaint yourself with how they work and invest some money into getting the right gear.

I would recommend that you have two available options. Either you use a smartphone setup or a laptop or desktop setup. So it would be great to have a smartphone with a good camera. You would also need ring lights for lighting – they are quite affordable and usually are tripod stands in themselves. For the other options, you would need a good webcam if your PC does not have a good camera. Then to go with all that you will need a good internet connection.

Your Approach To CVs Must Change

There has been an approach that most of you have taken for ages now. CVs have evolved and you must learn the new rules of engagement. Bear in mind that most employers do not spend long on your CV. Thus making a CV lengthy is not wise and so is making it fancy. Your CV must be minimalist but covering the core essentials. Do not use a one-size fits all approach – tailor-make or customize your CV for the different job applications you make.

Remember some employers now use artificial intelligence tools to assess CVs. This means you would need to write your CV paying attention to keywords and the like. Not forgetting the cover letter; this has become so important nowadays. Your cover letter can literally determine whether you get the job or not. Thus you must fully grasp the approaches of writing a winning cover letter. There is so much to explore here but I just summarized it to give you an idea. You can always get professional help in drafting CVs and cover letters. There are also easy to use apps (e.g. Intelligent CV – I actually have it on my phone) that you can use to draft these two.

LinkedIn Could Be Your Answer

Most Zimbabweans are not keen or serious about using LinkedIn. It is of course not your typical social media app but if you use it well you unlock many doors for yourself. Basically, it is a great platform to network or build a network. So many people land their jobs on LinkedIn. If you develop your profile well you will daily get job recommendations. One of the things I love about LinkedIn is its unique features.

For instance, you can set up your profile such that people know you are open to work. You can also post your CV (as a document) on your timeline – something you do not find on other platforms. Overall LinkedIn is a platform for serious professionals so it is worthwhile to be a part of it. I know most of you probably have a LinkedIn profile but it is not up to standard – start working on it.

Sanitize Your Digital Footprint

This thing of posting stuff recklessly online can cost you big time. Most prospective employers now track your digital footprint to learn more about you. If you have some careless posts or comments in the past they will most likely find them. I can give you many examples of people who lost their jobs or prospective jobs due to their digital footprints. So right now is a good place to clean up your digital footprint and be smart moving forward.

Put Some Relevant Content Out There

I can attest to how remarkable this can turn out for you. I have gotten so many gigs simply because people came across the content I put out there. Do not think it is a hard thing to do per se. Not all of you can regularly put out well-researched content like I do but explore your options. You can simply regularly post engaging content on your social media and it can open doors for you. You can strategically just like and comment on other people’s content. The idea is to put yourself out there and making it apparent what you can do and are passionate about.

Study Prospective Employers

Employers are generally now ruthless when it comes to shortlisting candidates. Due to high unemployment many people apply for jobs. This gives employers a headache on how to screen people. One of the many ways they can use is how well you know them. Thus it is important to thoroughly research your prospective employer. Not only does this increase your chances but it genuinely helps understand them more. During that research, you might even discover things that might make your reconsider applying for the job.

There are plenty more tips but I thought to share these 7 with you. I am sure you will find them useful and you will bear them in mind as you do your job hunting. Lastly, I can tell this, despite how cliché it might sound, never give up. Some people can apply over a hundred times and only get a job after ages. You just have to keep trying, no matter how frustrating it might become. Cast your bread upon many waters!