The subject of job interviews is pertinent to many of you. You need to always stay abreast with the tenets of job interviews. Never assume you know it all as some elements of job interviews tend to evolve. How you conduct yourself during job interviews can matter more than your qualifications. Even more important is what you say when asked questions in a job interview. That is why today we shall specifically explore job interview responses that are considered red flags. In other words, these are job interview responses you should avoid during a job interview.

Vague Or Generic Responses

When giving your responses you must always ensure that you are detailed and specific. For instance, let us assume you are responding about your work experience. Maybe you could be talking about your skills. Do not give vague or generic responses. Such responses will make it appear like you are lying or exaggerating. You must back up what you will be saying with comprehensive details and specifics. In essence, make sure all your responses are evidence-based. Otherwise, the interviewer(s) may assume you are just regurgitating memorized bookish answers.

Mentioning An Extremely High Salary Expectation

This one here is about striking a delicate balance. On one hand, you need to have an appreciation of your market value. You should not sell yourself short; know and demonstrate your worth! However, on the other end, you should not overly state or assume your market value or worth. This is particularly so if you are falling short on some aspects e.g. being insufficiently qualified.

The smart thing to do is to do some homework before a job interview. Factor in your qualifications, experience, and industry standards. Use those variables in unison to have a rough idea of what a reasonable salary expectation would be. Otherwise by stating an extremely high salary expectation you may blow your chances. There are scenarios where stating a reasonable salary can increase your chances of being picked.

Being Clueless About Your Prospective Employer

This is an aggressive red flag and will almost always ruin your chances of being considered. If you do not know even the most basic things about your prospective employers, that is insincerity. This is a company where you will likely work. How can you not in the very least research about the company beforehand? Employers interpret that as you not being serious and being disinterested in the company.

Before a job interview, you must take some time to know your potential employer. At the most basic, find out what their vision, mission, product or service offerings and recent development are, amongst others. For companies with solid digital footprints, a simple Google search can be all you need. Bear in mind that you can also find out from current or former employees as well. This is all information that will also come in handy as you illustrate how you would be a great fit for them.

Poor Lighting During Virtual Interviews

In this day and age, it is commonplace to be interviewed online. When you get such a job interview you should carefully consider your environment. If your environment is poorly lit that will be a serious red flag. Typically interviewers would want to study your body language. They would also want to study your facial expressions.

They will not be able to do that if your environment is not lit sufficiently. They also assume that you are seeking to hide something or some things. Plus, overall, poor lighting will compromise effective communication. As such you need to ensure that your environment is both well-lit and quiet.

Lack Of Clarity And Consistency In Your Responses

You probably have seen interviews or interrogations. You probably have noticed how the same question can be reworded several times over. This at times can be necessitated by the fact that the one being asked will be giving unclear responses. It can also be done to seek consistency in your responses which will prove you are being honest.

Being clear and consistent in your responses all starts with you having a clear knowledge of who you are, can do, have done, and seek to do. If all that is incoherent and haphazard then you will have a hard time giving clear and consistent responses. If you did not grasp the question do indicate.

Too Growth-Focused

When you want to start a new job you have lots of expectations and plans too. It is normal to anticipate growing in your skillset and experience. Many people seek new job opportunities to grow in their careers. That is well and good. However, do not make it seem like that is all you need the job for. Employers are more concerned about your eagerness to add value to their company. If you are not demonstrating keenness to add value that is a red flag. Being overly growth-focused at the expense of adding value is a serious red flag.

Inappropriate Dress Code

Then we have a dress code. Dressing inappropriately can put off the interviewer(s) before you even say anything. Being dressed anyhow can be deemed unprofessional and disrespectful. You need to do some homework to see what would be appropriate for your job interview. Contexts may differ and in some cases, you may even be given stipulations on what to wear. If in doubt you can always settle for formal wear. It is also important to avoid excessive make-up and too much jewelryresponses’.

These are the 7 interview responses red flags to be wary of. I deliberately included both what to avoid and what to do instead. This will give you better preparation for your next job interview. I will reiterate: that job interviews are more than just about your qualifications and experience. What you do and say during the interview is often the core deciding factor. I will also advise you to take time to rehearse; it helps a lot.