Valentine’s Day will be here soon; the earliest opportunity in a year to make some money. Every year we get to have a discussion where we explore business ideas for that day. Valentine’s Day business ideas come in two categories accordingly to my assessment of Zimbabwe. One, some already have businesses or startups operating on the nature of the enterprise in question, business ideas aimed at Valentine’s Day can be put together. Two, there are Valentine’s Day business ideas that can be briskly put together just a short while before or on the day.

Photography And Videography

Photo shoots have become so widely popular over the past few years. I am sure it is due to the increased use of digital tools and platforms. There is no doubt there will be a sky high demand for photography or videography for Valentine’s Day. If you are already running a photography and or videography business, you are good to go. You just need to come up with competitive packages and start publicizing them. If you have the capital and the skillset you can source equipment and mark your entry into the industry via Valentine’s Day.

Gift Packs Or Sets

This is a hit whenever Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Gift sets or packs can be made out of various items. You can do food-based combos of, for example, fruits, beverages, snacks, cakes, and the like. You can also do combos of beauty products; you can throw in some fitness and wellness products as well. To stand a chance you can offer delivery services so that people can surprise their recipients. Do not be limited to the usual items though they do sell – explore broader.


This is another huge hit during Valentine’s Day. Obviously there are businesses who offer branding services. It is easier for them to personalize items for the day; either selling or processing specific orders. However, those who do not run such businesses can still roll out some business ideas here. You can just source and sell personalized items that are generic. An example can be clothing generically themed for couples – stuff like ‘His’, ‘Hers’, ‘Queen’, ‘King’. Get creative and unconventional with the nature of items you get to personalize. If you do not already have a business you can look into partnering with them if you have a relevant skillset or proposition.

Fast-Selling Valentine’s Day Items

This one can be done by literally anyone if you have some capital. All you have to do is to figure out what sells a lot for Valentine’s Day. Then you have to find out where you can source them cheaply so that you can price competitively. You can source for purposes of wholesale, retail or both. Some of the common examples are teddy bears, branded mugs, juice bottles, artificial roses, cosmetic items, plus many more.

Valentine’s Day Specials

This is exclusive of any business or startup already operating. The business idea is to come up with ways to make more money off Valentine’s Day. Ideally, you target couples in whatever creative ideas you can come up with. For example, you can offer discounts or freebies specifically to couples in celebration of the day. By so doing you stand to drive more sales which play out favourably for your business or startup.

Events Management (Valentine’s Day-Themed)

This can be easier for people already running such a business. Alternatively, it can be for those with joints such as hotels, lodges, restaurants, and so on. As an events planner, you can approach such entities with proposals for Valentine’s Day-themed events. For example, there are most definitely people who will propose or get married on the day. I am just sharing some examples to paint a picture of what you can do. Look at a restaurant for example; they can come up with packages tailored for Valentine’s Day.

These are the 5 options you can consider for Valentine’s Day business ideas this year. As much as you can make money from following age-old age ideas, try to be creative. All the business ideas we covered can be creatively adapted into newer approaches. Another thing to factor in is that not everyone is married, engaged, or in a romantic relationship. There is a huge pool of people who are single – why not come up with business ideas tailored for them?