Brain Tracy once put it accurately when he said, ‘Successful people are simply those with successful habits’. John Maxwell cements it by saying, ‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine’. Whatever you desire to see in your life is attainable by what you do daily. Not doing something is also as good as doing something. What you do daily has a compounding effect, especially if done consistently. It might be simple and seemingly insignificant, but the results are substantial over time. Today let us talk about simple daily changes you must make to save more in 2023; by implication, that can mean spending less.

Do Yourself What You Normally Pay Someone For

Body And Beauty Treatments

We are not looking at women here; it applies to men as well. Regardless, there is more expenditure on the women’s side regarding beauty. Just to put this into perspective, I get a fresh haircut (including a beard trim) every Saturday. It costs US$2, so that is US$8 per month. That amount is less than what a lady needs for a hairdo – an average of at least US$25. Of course, some can go with that hairdo for 2 or 3 months, but that is stretching it.

Anyways, that excludes pedicures, manicures, and other cosmetic treatments. As a woman, you can save lots of money by doing what you can yourself. You can even consider having hairdos you can do yourself. At least this can be for a season as you save money to establish a business, for example. The same applies to men. The concept here is to do what you can by yourself rather than paying someone to do it.

Transportation Adjustments To Consider

This reminds me of using public transport to work if you own a car. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also faster. For some, the game changer can be walking to work rather than boarding a public service vehicle. Some of you live not so far away from your workplaces that you can walk. This can save you some considerable money over time.

Bring Food From Home If Employed Somewhere

This particularly applies to those who go to physical work every day (5 or 6 days a week). The last time I had such a job, I did notice the implications. On average, I needed US$2 for lunch every day. I would work 6 days a week. This meant that I was spending almost US$50 per month on buying just lunch at work. Imagine the groceries you can get for US$50 instead of daily lunch. You then realise that bringing home food helps you save more. It might seem unglamorous, but you need not live life to get validation from other people.

Downgrade Or Cancel Some Subscriptions

Many of us probably have unnecessary active subscriptions. One of them is satellite TV, e.g. DSTV. At one point, I once lived for months with full bouquets. The irony, though, was that I never got to watch many channels. This is because you typically get hooked on one or a few channels. It made me realize that downgrading the DSTV subscription was prudent. For some, not subscribing at all might be feasible because you barely ever get time for TV. This is just a widely relatable example, but there are many more. Review your active subscriptions and see which ones you can cancel or downgrade.

Limit Going Out

I know many of you love to go out; nothing is necessarily wrong with that. However, when you are accustomed to it, you might never realize how it primes you to spend. Often time you end up spending unnecessarily. I recall a buddy of mine once went to some leisure joint he usually goes to. He bumped into his ex-girlfriend and her sisters, plus friends. The guy ended up spending US$40 (to buy drinks) on the crew to impress these girls.

Was that expenditure necessary? Absolutely not! What made it possible, though? It was going out, obviously. That scenario happens to many men and, in different forms, to women. You can save lots of money by limiting how often you go out. Going out, by its nature, binds you to spend and mostly unnecessarily.

End Money-Sucking Social Relationships

Many people might not want to admit it but are in money-sucking relationships. There are people out there who are not making the progress they ought to due to that. Most or all of the money they make they spend on such relationships. It is not only romantic relations per se. It can happen with friends, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. Take a hard look at your social life, and you might discover you have leeches. Getting rid of them or blocking unhindered access can help you save more.

Designer Stuff Not Always Worth It

I have never been keen on wearing designer brands. Again there is nothing necessarily wrong with designer stuff. It is funny, though, because I have seen many rich people deem most designer brands overrated. In truth, most of them are. Choosing to settle for cheaper, regular, but suitable quality clothing can save you lots of money. Consider exploring that route in 2023. Many Zimbabweans who buy second-hand bale clothes appreciate this principle.

These are the 6 simple daily changes you must consider in 2023. By consistently practising them, you will see yourself saving more money. Remember, the small daily changes will compound to produce great results. Do not forget that it is your life; you are not living for other people. Usually, that causes some people not to make the necessary changes. You can never impress people enough. They will always talk about you.