Let us talk about how you can start a mining supplies business. There are several ideas you can explore under this domain which I shall be discussing here. Mining is one of the paramount industries in Zimbabwe which has vast prospects. I even feel that we are yet to fully unlock the potential that industry has in Zimbabwe. The area I reside in sits right on the Great Dyke. There are so many mineral deposits spanning from gold, chrome, to asbestos, nickel, and so much more. Here are some mining supplies business ideas you can explore:

Equipment Sales Or Hire (Or Leasing)

There is a long list of equipment needed in the mining sector. The specifics vary from mining operation to mining operation. Some of them are mills, plants, crushers, trucks, earth-moving equipment, power generators, drills, draglines, graders, and countless more. The equipment is also broadly in the form of electrical equipment, electronic equipment, ICT equipment, and so on. The two broad options you can make available are selling or hiring. You would have to weigh your options but it seems there is more money to be made from hiring or leasing. Most players in the mining industry rely on hiring or leasing. This stems, in part, from the fact that many players are small to medium scale. Thus they cannot quite afford to fully purchase equipment.

Raw Materials Supply

Mining involves the use of numerous inputs in the form of raw materials. This can range from actual mining operations to related infrastructural development. Some of the raw materials include steel, cement, coal, chemicals, and the like. They of course differ depending on the mining domain in question. For example, things like ammonia and cobalt sulphate are some of the key raw materials in copper. In gold mining, some of the key raw materials are mercury and cyanide. Supplying raw materials can be an easy way to make money as it is not that tasking. Once you are adherent to regulations, are properly registered, and have reliable sources, it is a hassle-free business for the most part.

Spares, Servicing, Repairs, And Maintenance

There are many mechanical equipment and systems used in mining. They are prone to wear and tear over time plus occasional breakdowns. This means first off, servicing will be needed from time to time. Then spares will also come in handy given how intense the use of machinery tends to be in mining. You can simply source and supply the spares or you can maximize income by doing all that is needed. That is why repairs and maintenance end up being a key part of doing the spares business. However, you can still make good money from solely focusing on supplying spares.

Bulk Water Supply

I have done articles on bulk water supply before and even mentioned how vital it is to mining operations. Any form of mining operation usually entails the use of water for so many things. This spans from basic human consumption to its use in certain processes. Some mining operators, especially small to medium scale, can find it cheaper to source water. Some can just drill boreholes for themselves but some prefer sourcing it. After all, some locations might not have easy access to water even if boreholes were to be drilled. That is where the bulk water supply comes in and you can make a business out of that by targeting mining operations.

Fuel And Gas Supplies

These are indispensable again when it comes to mining. We are talking of things like diesel, petrol, paraffin, and LG gas, amongst others. These are used for so many things done in mining. Most equipment and of course vehicles are powered by these two. I know of some equipment used in mining that can consume about 60 litres in just an hour. Imagine the amount of fuel that can be needed just for a day’s mining operations. Imagine the money you can make from supplying the fuel and other gas needs.

Safety And Protective Clothing

Safety and health are a huge deal in mining operations. If these things are ignored you find unnecessary injuries and even deaths occurring. There is a lot involved in ensuring the safety and health of mining personnel. One of the pertinent components is safety and protective clothing. These are things like safety shoes, work suits, coveralls, lab coats, helmets, goggles, gloves, and so many more. You can focus on sourcing and supplying these; even more, you can brand them to increase their worth.

These are some of the mining supplies business ideas you can pursue in Zimbabwe. Typically mining business ideas are capital intensive. That is probably why most people cannot venture into them. Regardless that should not be a deterrent to starting a mining-related business. You can start small, you can save up money over time, and you can even explore investor financing as well. If your business model is robust you can also consider taking out a loan from financing institutions. One thing I can assure you is that there are many business prospects in mining supplies.