I will be looking at marketing tips for specific niches as opposed to just generalizing. It would be great if you can even suggest niches or areas you wish to be covered. In this article, I am looking at marketing tips for businesses specializing in tech or gadgets. I am well aware many people are venturing into this domain. I even have a close friend who does this specializing in phones and related accessories. So all the tips I am sharing with you are also borne out of real-life observations. I am using the phone business as an example but all the tips apply to any tech or gadgets business.

Cultivate A Reputation Of Honesty

In the tech and gadgets space, it is commonplace to have information asymmetry. What I mean is that the service provider usually knows more than the customer. This places the customer at the risk of being lied to about so many things. This is very common amongst many players in this space. One way you can stand out and attract more clients is by being honest. For instance, if a smartphone is an imitation, do not lie that is the original. I have noticed that if you cultivate this approach over time your brand awareness grows. A reputation of honesty cultivates customer satisfaction which culminates in word of mouth. This in turn results in positive social proof, then referrals and actual sales.

Use Stories And Statuses – Social Media

You must use social media to market your brand; it is indispensable. Of course, you will need to use things e-fliers and the like. I have observed and heard players in this space remarking on how stories and status updates work wonders. Be it on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, for example, people are more likely to view stories and status updates than anything else. The friend of mine I mentioned has always realized sales even when there are strict lockdowns. He mainly attributes that to the use of his WhatsApp status updates. Let me also add here that it is wiser to use WhatsApp Business for your business. That way you will take advantage of the catalogue feature and other useful business features you do not find on ordinary WhatsApp.

Customer Callouts

I just spoke of WhatsApp status updates, what does tell you? Well, it means you must save your customers’ contacts and also encourage them to save yours. This will ensure they get to see your status updates. That customer database can be handy in so many things about customer engagement. You can do, for instance, broadcast lists where you update your customers on anything e.g. new arrivals, special offers, promotions, and so on. Alternatively, you can even do SMSes which would be unique given how other players never think about that. You can even send thank you messages every time someone makes a purchase. All this is central to marketing your products and services.

Use Product Bundling

The idea here is to attract customers or realize more sales so I will give an example. The example will also serve as inspiration to go on to even think of more ways of product bundling. Let us suppose you are selling a particular smartphone model that most people tend to buy. Let us also suppose that you place a mark-up of US$5 or more – this is typical in the phone business. You find people doing shatter glass installations saying US$3 for example – however that is ridiculously expensive. You can then source shatter glasses at wholesale price. Then you say “buy this phone and get a free shatter glass and installation”. That will lure customers yet in essence you are still realizing a considerable profit. That is the basic idea; so many ways you can use this approach to lure customers.

Use Price Variations (In Light Of Your Competitors)

This is the easiest one but it is funny how many players never do it. Typically say, smartphones have certain prices that they go for. Let us suppose that people usually place mark-ups of US$5 for a particular phone. To lure customers you can reduce your mark-up to say, US$4.50 or US$4, as an example. You will still realize profit and even push more volumes.

Interior And Exterior Design Of Business Premises Plays A Huge Role

This plays a huge role and should not be taken lightly. An open plan and minimalist design characterized by lots of natural light and alluring décor are strategic for this line of business. The use of glass displays is imperative and you must use rich colour schemes. You must include things like decoration multi-coloured lighting so stand out. There is also a need for you to use things like banners, posters, IEC material, and the like. Your premises must make it appear even from a distance what your business has on offer. It should be a tidy and sterile environment. Do not stick only to what others do; go over and beyond that.

With the 6 tips, I can guarantee you that you will see some remarkable results. You usually do not have to do colossal things to stand out amongst your competitors. It is usually the subtle and seemingly unimportant things that really count. Over and above everything treat your customers like royalty. Provide after-sales support and be honest – I am repeating this. Do not lie to customers just because you want to close a sale; it will always backfire. Maybe not immediately but it will catch up with you sometime.