You at times hear people saying they are a business coach or they are introduced as one. A business coach is simply someone who is an expert on training or teaching on entrepreneurship or business. These are people who possess the necessary skills, expertise, and knowledge to teach on the development of successful enterprises. They are usually successful entrepreneurs or business executives themselves. There is a debate at times on whether or not one must have a business coach. Some believe in being self-taught or self-made so they do not see the need for one. There are good reasons why you need a business coach though. Let us explore them here.

They Have Travelled The Path Before

Normally business coaches are successful entrepreneurs or business people themselves. They have travelled the path that you are planning on embarking on. They know what you will likely encounter and how best to navigate your way. They usually had to learn the hard way by falling and tripping along the way. However, through that experience and in hindsight they drew invaluable insights. These are insights that they can pass on to you without having to go through what they went through. This enhances your chances of getting successful early and more exceptionally. Whatever mistakes they made will not be your portion because they will warn you about it beforehand. So having a business coach reduces the incidence of mistakes and failure.

They Keep You Inline And Tell You Objective Truth

Once you have a business coach you become accountable to them. By their being your business coach they want nothing but success. Your success reflects on them positively thus building their brand. Thus they will not tolerate any slacking or insincerity. When you start going astray they will unapologetically draw you back and keep you in line. They will not tell you stuff you want to hear just because the truth is ugly. They will bluntly tell you like it is without any compromises because their goal is your success.

When you are not accountable to someone like this you tend to fool and mislead yourself. You will find excuses for lack of progress or mistakes you make. You will rationalize all the poor behaviour because you will be accountable to just yourself. It takes a lot for one to be objectively accountable to themselves. That is why business coaches are necessary because they become that standard and barometer for success. They can get tough and strict with you and you will comply because you would have enlisted their services.

Wider, Far-Reaching And Unbiased Perspectives

I enjoy playing the game chess as many of you probably do. Have you ever noticed how that your perspective is different watching a game? There are possible loopholes or moves you will notice just because you are not in the game. Yet when you are playing a game yourself you might be blinded to so many loopholes or moves. This is the same with running an enterprise – your perspective can and tends to be limited and biased.

The coming in of a business coach brings in that fresh perspective. He or she will be able to bring your attention to things you might have not noticed. With their perspective and guidance, you begin to see wider and far-reaching possibilities and approaches. The business coach will regulate and streamline how and how far you see things.

Strategic Networks And Connections

Typically, the business coach is an established entrepreneur or business person. They have cultivated and built a considerable network of individuals and other enterprises. He or she now has strategic connections which can easily open doors not ordinarily accessible to just anyone. By you being under that business coach you get to enjoy those networks and connections. If you build a good working relationship with your business coach he or she can easily link you up.

This can give you access to financial capital, human capital and even new markets. You can be exposed to substantial media coverage and even get to attend strategic events. The importance of partnerships and strategic alliances is paramount in building an enterprise. Just by being associated to affiliated with a business coach you get easy access to all that.

These are 4 of some of the reasons why you need a business coach. In Zimbabwe, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to business coaches. Options vary from one on one packages to event-based business coaching packages. One quick example of a business coach you can consider is George Munengwa. He is also the Founder & Managing Director Of ProAir Zimbabwe.