The year 2022 is almost over, and 2023 will be here soon. This is a strategic time to start evaluating how your year has been. It is also a time when you can start planning how to maximize in November and December. Recently discussed how best you can get the best out of those final two months. Be sure to check out that article; it will condition you correctly. This is also a time to start gearing up for 2023. Today let us delve into social media trends you must gear up for 2023.

Organic Growth To Become Much Harder, Thus Necessitating Paid Ads More

Organic growth on social media has always generally been an uphill task. Most people who have managed to attain huge followings organically took ages. For many, it took on average 6 to 12 months (or more) to organically grow their followings. However, it seems now it has become even harder than ever before. Moving into 2023, it will only get worse, with organic growth becoming a tricky venture. It almost feels as if something has been done to throttle organic growth.

This is going to necessitate a greater need for brands to explore paid ads more. This also means more and more brands will turn to influencers in order to tap into bigger audiences. The fact that more and more brands are taking paid ads means more competition as well. All of this means in 2023; you will have to pull up your socks if you are to thrive on social media. You will have to take up paid ads more often seriously.

Short Videos Will Continue To Grow In Popularity

Ever since 2019, I have underscored the importance of video content. I have also underscored that short videos are the most engaging. Take a cue from the fact that WhatsApp video status updates have a 30-second limit. That actually speaks to the principle that short videos are the most engaging. Look today at Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. They now have short video features such as stories or reels. It is not surprising to see reels with millions of views.

In 2023 your brand will have to become more visible using such short video features. Most people prefer short videos to lengthy ones due to the issue of low attention spans. Thus you will have to figure out how to leverage short videos to gain traction on social media next year. Let me also add that live videos have been becoming a thing. Brands will have to consider ways to use them to their advantage.

In all these video approaches, brands will have to ensure there is two-way communication. They will have to engage with their audience in every way possible. Due to the many brands and content creators now active online, competition is now intense. Failing to or not prioritizing regular interactions with your audience will cost you. Videos are also good in that they make your brand relatable. That is why you will have to come up with a detailed strategy for using videos to grow the brand.

Direct In-App Shopping On Social Media To Start Taking Root

Ecommerce has been growing steadily during these past couple of years. Even in Zimbabwe, eCommerce has grown significantly in a short time. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but the progress is good. The world over, it is becoming the norm. When people buy online, they are redirected to or other pages for online payment processing. For instance, someone is selling products via Facebook. When someone clicks on a product, they are redirected off Facebook when going through the payment process.

The interesting thing now is the approach is gradually beginning to change. In 2023 we shall have more direct in-app purchases becoming mainstream. This means being able to pay for products on Facebook without leaving Facebook. Already several developers are working on these innovations. You might want to brace yourself as a business and be ready for that. It is actually an innovation that can also become mainstream in Zimbabwe. Let us have our developers create stuff like this that brings about convenience for consumers. This would be great given Zimbabwe’s unique circumstances, e.g. currency issues that complicate online payments.

I am pleased to see that many more people have taken social media seriously in Zimbabwe. Throughout 2022 we have seen more and more social media activity in Zimbabwe. It is a good thing to see more Zimbabweans appreciating social media. This primes them to participate effectively in the digital economy. More important now is for people to understand the intricate dynamics of social media. That is why the stuff we discussed today should inform your social media strategy in 2023.