One of the things we love to do here is celebrating Zimbabwean business stories. Offering business ideas, tips and news are not enough without telling the stories of Zimbabwean businesses to help people learn from examples on the ground. Our Entrepreneur Interviews are all about, and we recently published part 1 of our 2022 round-up. Now we can get into part 2 to see more of the stories we covered last year.


We took a look at the Munch Zimbabwe application. This is an exciting area because it is still open for the taking across Zimbabwe. There have been many attempts to provide an all-around fast food delivery service for Zimbabweans. Munch is undoubtedly one of the frontrunners in this regard. Offering their services in Harare and Bulawayo Munch provides a competent food delivery application experience.


One can’t precisely play favourites with the stories they cover they cover, but I do lean towards Takudzwa Nhongo and his Kytte application. After making news a few years ago as a student who wrote 18 subjects at O-level and passed all of them with As, Takudzwa set out to create an application to help students study for their O-level exams. It’s a pretty intelligent app that can help many.


The Zimbabwe eCommerce race is certainly on. The many small businesses coming up in the area are a testament to this. Pracnet is an entrant in this space that provides a broad eCommerce offering for Zimbabweans. Their idea is to provide convenience, and they do so by offering a wide range of products via their online store. From groceries to electronics and solar products they are looking at the needs of Zimbabweans through the lens of eCommerce. They count being invited to participate in Total Energies Startupper of the year amongst their accolades.


We’ve noted on a few occasions that logistics is one of the biggest problems facing Zimbabwean eCommerce. There are entrepreneurs hard at work trying to solve this problem, and Fast Delivery is one of them. Offering innovative and transparent delivery service for individuals and businesses, they would like to take the Zimbabwean logistics space by storm and are certainly well positioned to do so.


We try to stick to telling the story of a business rather than endorsing it. Still, when the experience of using a business leaves you feeling nothing but positivity towards them, it’s hard not to cross that line. ShopexpressZim provided an experience that can only be described as easy. Everything from navigating the site, selecting products, confirming the order and the lovely cash-on-delivery option made it a breeze. While the space has many players in Zimbabwe, they list the outstanding ones we have experienced.

It’s always a pleasure talking to people making moves in Zimbabwe by starting their businesses and making a name for themself. We look forward to telling more of these stories in 2023. Have a business that you think deserves to be amongst the stories? Leave a message in the comments, and we will contact you.