Perhaps you are flirting with the idea of going into business. The situation in Zimbabwe warrants it honestly. Perhaps you’ve tried and failed before or are currently involved in it and just aren’t quite sure if it’s the thing for you. Well, there’s a saying that success leaves clues and the same can definitely be said of Entrepreneurship. So you might have some or all of these qualities.

Enjoy selling

As an entrepreneur, you will sell. Not may, not might but an emphatic will. That said you’re not always selling to customers as business models are incredibly dynamic. You may have to sell to investors, employees, suppliers, business partners, distribution channels and many more but you will sell. So if you find yourself enjoying the art of persuasion when it comes to things you are passionate about that’s a very good sign. Perhaps you influenced friends and family to try out a brand or method they haven’t before. That’s really what selling is all about.

Love learning new skills

Perhaps you’ve found yourself or someone you know always talking about how they are learning this or that new thing. A new skill, a new way of doing things and so on. One of the key attributes of successful entrepreneurship is continuous learning. So it really should go without saying that a love for learning new things makes one adept at entrepreneurship.

A mix of introvert and extrovert

Are you introverted but struggle to convince people who know you that you’re an introvert? This is a big one because entrepreneurs tend to combine time for deep reflection of their thoughts with the ability to connect and mingle with others. The key here is not that you are one or the other but rather the ability to be the right one when it is needed.

You dream big, maybe too big

Dreaming is not in itself a sign of entrepreneurship. However, if you tend to look at small ideas and can expand them into big dreams you definitely have the mid of an entrepreneur rolling around in your head. Anyone can dream big, what matters here is the ability to connect those big dreams to present reality.

Execution is important to you

In addition to dreaming a tendency towards execution is absolutely necessary. See entrepreneurs are executors if nothing else. In simplest words they make things happen. So if you find yourself annoyed by talk and more persuaded to action you definitely have the right stuff.

Good with (using) money

Now, let me make something clear here. When I say good with money, I mean good with using it. By this, I’m referring to how you manage the money that is available to you rather than how you would perform with huge amounts of money at your disposal. Are you a spender or an investor? On average how happy are you with how you’ve used money in the past? How good are you at making purchase decisions? These are the things that matter. Entrepreneurs tend to manage scarce resources well. Directing money to the right things is important.

You are interested in how things work

Ever wondered what the difference between a single core and dual core computer is and why you pay more for the dual? Ever been on a website and wondered how are these guys making money from this? Entrepreneurs have incredibly inquisitive minds and a tendency to want to understand the inner workings of things.

You motivate others

Do you have an infectious ability to energize people around you? I spoke earlier about selling and persuasion and this goes the same way. You will work and interact with a lot of people and not all of them have a financial reward. Sometimes you deal with people out necessity and you still need to interact pleasantly with them. You will find entrepreneurs are gifted at the ability to motivate others and this comes in handy when you need to motivate people towards your goals.

You have an eye for trends

This one is a deeper expression if the analytical abilities of entrepreneurs. You see, people may look at the rise of social media and think that’s just the new way but the entrepreneurial mind will question the forces behind it and the trends that come with it. With mobile internet and cheaper access to the internet, one might consider that video will be big in advertising and we might see a shift from the graphic image ads. Entrepreneurs see trends. They see the trends and forces behind consumer behaviour. And are ready to move on them.

You consume entrepreneurship

I saved this one for last because its perhaps the most important of the signs. As the old saying goes Garbage in garbage out. What you pour into your brain is what comes out. So have a look at what you consume daily. Are on websites like this one and others daily? What do you watch on platforms like youtube? What do you read? What do you talk about? Nobody can speak about only one thing but I can safely say if you’re not interacting with entrepreneurship-related material daily you may find it hard. If you can consume entrepreneurship-related material daily you are definitely cut for this world.

How many of these resonate with you?